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5 Minute Yoga Break
at Your Desk

Free 5 Minute Yoga Break at Your Desk

Nowadays, life has become so much fast-paced that time for self is not there. The concept of a 5-minute yoga break with a simplified technique could rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. We aim at achieving the same with a short duration introductory course in association with 'HealMe Holistic Clinic… www.healme.in


Corporate wellness program

Corporate Wellness program

Corporate Wellness program helps to create a positive and healthy environment to work. This program helps to enhance workforce productivity. 

Practicing Yoga

Free online yoga Class

Online Free Yoga

Perform yoga as an independent therapy for your existing as well as non-existing health problems, join ‘Heal Me’, and let yoga be a part of your daily routine.  Yoga is a therapy that has the capability to increase stamina, immunity, body flexibility, and physical fitness.

Daily Class – 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM

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Self-Help Interactive sessions

ASVCT Self Help Workshops

Self-help is a self-guided improvement to bring personal satisfaction and happiness. Here we do economical, intellectual & emotional counselling by our volunteers on a psychological basis. Our volunteers are scholars, motivational speakers and mental health professionals.

Our goal is to overcome self-doubts, depression, stress, anxiety & memory blanks and maintenance of well-being of the workforce.

Volunteers Cleaning

Corporate Social Responsibility


It is a matter of pride for corporates to contribute positively towards the growth and welfare of society. So your little contribution to ASVCT' charity projects enables us to operate effectively.

Corporates can contribute in the following manners;

1. Motivate your team to volunteers in our charity projects of skill development, health and wellness, education for the underprivileged, life-changing positive mind training and an initiative to keep the environment clean and green.

2. Help us to raise funds for our charity projects.